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July 22, 2014

Nova Scotia issues tender to replace earthen dyke


The Nova Scotia government recently issued a tender to replace the LaPlanche Aboiteau in Cumberland County, which is an earthen dyke constructed to stop high tides from inundating marshland.

“We’re pleased that we’ve reached this stage,” said MLA Terry Farrell, on behalf of Agriculture Minster Keith Colwell.

“The replacement of the LaPlanche Aboiteau will ensure our marshlands, agricultural land and local infrastructure are protected. It is one of the largest flood mitigation projects by the Department of Agriculture in recent years.”

The LaPlanche Aboiteau prevents flooding from the Bay of Fundy and local rivers and also protects roads and railway lines in the Amherst area.

The new aboiteau will replace two structures and will support more than 1,000 hectares of agricultural land, and residential, municipal and commercial infrastructure. It will be twice the size of the existing structures.

CBCL Ltd., an Atlantic Canadian engineering consultant, completed earlier stages of the project, including design and geotechnical investigation, consultation and site selection. CBCL Ltd. Also completed the final design and prepared tender documents.

The construction phase will involve creating coffer dams, pile driving, concrete construction, earth works and armour rock protection.

It will protect about $40 million worth of provincial and municipal infrastructure.

The aboiteau is operated by the Department of Agriculture, under the Agricultural Marshland Conservation Act.

The department helps protect agricultural marshlands by monitoring 241 kilometres of dykes and 260 aboiteaux that protect over 43,000 acres of marshlands in the province.

The tender, which closes at the end of July, is open to all qualified general contracting companies. It will be awarded in early August.

Construction is expected to begin in early August and be completed in the fall.


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